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Friday, May 6, 2011

She-ra Episode 8: The Missing Ax

         wandering through the forest, adora helps a poor little "scruffle" which is a pink puppy unicorn. the horde guardsmen guys want to collect the poor defenseless scruffer for the inter-world famous horde zoo. this has nothing to do with anything else that happens in the plot. it's just to reinforce the fact that the horde is bad mmmkay and she-ra is good. in case you missed it.  it also gives the horde guardsmen a chance to use the super useful at walking and capturing poor baby pink scruffers, but ultra slow and dumb robot. it's no match for she-ra, who can jump and quickly step to the side. oh no! the poor scruffer's paw has been hurt! it's a good thing she-ra can heal things with her glitter sparkle finger.

now onto bow showing off for some young males who seem to worship him. he's really good with his bow and arrow but "weapons are not for kids" he throws out that message. good things. their dad comes out sporting a woman's bathing suit with cut outs on the sides to show his massive obliques. he says something about how his ax is his everything. bow leaves because he has some sort of rendezvous with andora at the aptly named "lavender lake" i don't know why lilac got the shaft there girls. fewer syllables maybe? if lilac had a nickel for every time that happened...

the boys take their father's ax into the woods to do some work and promise to be very responsible with it, but within the span of a minute the leave it on a log to go play and frolic around the frilly fluffy forest. two twiggets find it and take it away to go show madame razz. why? it is the title of the episode. i know you're thinking "twigget" is some sort of slur, but it's just a race of small unintelligent people with lavender skin, and white hair, obsessed with pointy hats and the color green. the boys of course come back and discover their father's reason for living is gone and they are afraid he will think them irresponsible, so instead, they use the susan smith defense. only instead of a fictitious black car hijacker, they say it was a tall man in a purple cloak. i guess this episode's real theme is the various color hues of purple. there is nothing bow hates more than a purple cloaked thief taking advantage of two young boys. so he sets off to the nearest horde controlled village to find "his man".

the fish guy with parkinsons....mantenna, sees bow and calls for back up. bow is running around away from the hoard of horde and just happens to get cornered at the friendly corner market's mirror stand where he bounces mantenna's distortion ray back per usual. he gets captured anyway because he's just that good at escaping.

back to adora who is patiently waiting for bow at the lavender lake's glistening shore, feeding some prairiedog-chicken-lizard-squirrels to pass the time. she wonders what's taking that man so long. she-ra is a better seeker than adora so "by the honor of grayskull" ready or not here she comes. it's a good thing too because she goes to the ax man's house right off the bat who tells her exactly where bow has gone. with her female senses she detects the boys are not being truthful and she breaks them with one question. cowl comes right on cue to tell everybody bow has been taken to the ba-ba-ba-bum! dark mountains!

she-ra throws a giant boulder in the way of the horde's prisoner transport tank. they blow it up haughtily, but they are no match for she-ra, who can jump! the prisoners are set free and they remind me of the mental patients in "strange brew"

bow apparently used his time in prison to write songs and work on his magic. time well spent.

SPOILER! that creature guy was hiding in the marketplace in front of ye olde mirror shoppe.

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