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Monday, May 16, 2011

Away We Go

Away We Go (2009)

Written by Dave Eggers, Vendela Vida (to whose parents I wish to give an award)
Directed by Sam Mendes
Starring John Krasinski, Maya Rudloph, NOT Allison Janney NOT Maggie Gyllenhall's boob

Young couple somewhat unexpectedly conceives a child.  They go on the road to learn about the potential home cities available to them.  Will they learn about themselves along the way?

The Woman
 i enjoyed this movaay. as moster said we are it's target audience. not only our age group, but our type of people. sometimes i have problems not thinking of "idiocracy" when watching a movie with maya rudolph. not that her performance as an actor reminds me of her character, i just look back fondly at that fantastically wonderful and true piece of cinema. they both did a good job in the dry humor that was contained in this movie. yay. good job everybody. subtle. and a good movie for film class with all the thought that was put into the writing. 

This was a good movie.  It's the kind of movie which starts in couples conversations which may test the strength of their relationship.  It's tough to call the story original, exactly, but it adheres to its requirements extremely well. Above-average direction--one pair of shots in particular caused me to make sure the Knitter had seen them--was a well-appreciated bonus rather than a requirement of the material.  And while the acting of the principals could have undone this endeavor it would almost have to have been malicious to overcome the level of the supporters.

This is all about the details of the story, and they're pretty great all the way through.  The story answers the question of many people in my relative category: Am I a fuckup?  And it does this by showing the characters that they are, along with just about every single other motherfucker on the entire planet.  It's a road movie in almost the best sense of the term, putting the characters in ridiculous situations which are unique to each stop.  It has a heart and while it treats some choices of the supporters with more respect than others, it does so accurately (at least to my mind, which is why I feel like the writers of this movie have installed the software which makes this computer so slow).  When the couple reach a conclusion which could have been evident from early on it doesn't really matter because they got there on a convincing path.

(There was actually one scene which practically had "PLOT DEVICE" in flashing text at the bottom of the screen but in the words of Leonard Nimoy, nobody's perfect.)

We are the target demographic of this movie, to the point where it's almost eerie.  And it hit close enough to home.  I started writing this at a three, but now I'm thinking maybe it'll get that extra point.  Maybe I just won't argue either way.

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