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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Back-up Plan

The Back-up Plan (2010)

Writer: Kate Angelo
Director: Alan Poul
Starring: J.Lo, and some other people

a mildly successful woman decides to be inseminated with a baby because she doesn't think she will find a man in time. insemination. man. pregnancy. man. break up. together.

The Woman
let me just tell you i had really low expectations for this steaming pile of dumps, but this fell below those expectations by miles. it started out with promise. there were some funny topics brought up, but then it just got too la la dreamland for me. there is no way a guy would stay with a chick who was a half a second more pregnant than their relationship. no way. especially one who never wanted to have children in the first place. throughout the movie he dove more and more into asshole, and she fell more and more into weirdo with abandonment issues. all the funny things about pregnancy were left by the wayside with all the focus on their entirely dysfunctional relationship. there wasn't even the standard romantic comedy funny sidekick friend to rely on. stooooopid. i took one for the world by watching this. no one else ever has to now.

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