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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In a Dream

In a Dream

Director: Jeremiah Zagar

the story of Isaiah Zagar who is an artist in philidelphia. he does these massive mosaic murals and coats buildings inside and out, top to bottom in mosaics. and, of course. like most cool artists, he is a little mentally ill. it's also the story about his wife and their marital journey.

I wasn't giving this 100% attention, but the art was cool and the artist was a dick.  That said, he was almost always encouraged in his dickery by the people to whom he was a dick.  Therefore I didn't care too much about either party.

The format here was a pretty basic chronology--nothing special--and I would have liked it more if we saw more of the art and less of the people's faces.

The Woman
 the documentary itself was ok. it was one of those docs where i feel something was missing that i couldn't quite put my finger on. the art was pretty amazing. it's worth watching just for that, in my opinion. his art is just the story of his life with his family and his obsession with his wife. i'm envious of his journals which i always aspire to do and never stick with it. oh well. defeatist attitude prevails.

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