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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Otis (2008)

Writer: Erik Jendresen, Thomas Schnauz
Director: Tony Krantz
Starring: Kirk Cameron's sister( little chrissy seaver), Ileana Douglas. Daniel Stern, Bostin Christopher, knockoff Dennis Leary

There's a serial killer named Otis, who kidnaps a hot, smart teenage girl (it's unclear if she's a junior or a senior).  What will happen to her?  How will her family react?

The Woman 
good n'campy. this isn't really a horror movie as nothing horror movie really happens, but it was a good mildly funny homage to horror movies. the ending was kind of weak, but i could also be a little perturbed that a certain product of our loins woke up from his nap and we turned it off with a whole 3 minutes left. that;s our fault, by the way. the result is an abrupt and questioned ending that i wasn't expecting. i guess it gets more points for that though. hm. a pleasant surprise.

This exceeded the expectation which it set in the first ten minutes or so (in addition to the fact that there was none of the standard Blu-Ray rigamarole to get the movie).  The acting was pretty good, all things considered, with that dude who always plays the asshole playing a super-asshole cop/FBI guy.  Production was also a little better than one would think.  The fun of the film comes as much from the acting as the writing; and there's a good amount of personalization of the roles.  How things play out in the last half-hour actually kept us both guessing; and that's no mean feat.

I always feel like I should write more, especially when I'm recommending things.  But this film does not require a lot of critical dissection.  It was a good, gory time.  If you like things like that you'll like this.

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