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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Slasher (2004)

Director: John Landis

a documentary about a guy that gets hired by car dealerships to get rid of their old stock in one gigantic super sale weekend.

I feel like there should have been more context here.  I know it's a doc, but the stakes weren't really there and there was no conflict to speak of.  The way the sales are run and how prices are determined is interesting in that "not surprising but still disgusting/annoying" way.  I do like how they showed customer dissatisfaction on multiple levels, but those were much more in the customers of the dealership rather than the customers of the "slasher."

John Landis did a really good documentary about Don Rickles; this one was nothing compared to that.

The Woman
meh. this was interesting, but forgettable. the slasher himself, was kind of a total stereotype of used car salesman which was sort of amusing. there was also an interesting parallel that developed between his services and used cars. meaning you pay a lot more and expect a lot more than you should.

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