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Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Worst Movie

Best Worst Movie (2009)

Director: Michael Stephenson

a documentary on "troll 2" by the kid who was in "troll 2" twenty years later.

This is a docu mentary in the strictest sense.  It's a chronicling of a series of events.  While the film has the point of view that Troll 2 is an awesomely bad viewing experience, that's not a conclusion for which it aims to slowly build a case but the point on which the tripod is placed.

Within those parameters, it's a fine movie.  It tends to repeat itself; and it doesn't give equal screen time to those who took the film seriously, which leads to a fair amount of repetition through the runtime.  (Nor does it give any real time to those who disagree with its appraisal as "the best worst movie.) How many times do we have to see dentist-so-nice-even-his-ex-wife-says-he's-great walk onto a stage to the applause of a couple hundred college kids?

You would get more vitriol from me if I disagreed with the premise, but I don't.  Troll 2 is an entertaining piece of cinema in spite of itself and this documentary is a fitting love letter thereto.

The Woman
i greatly enjoyed "troll 2" i do believe it is the best worst movie. this was a good and entertaining look at the what's up with the cast nowadays, and a chance to see that i am not alone in my feelings towards "troll 2". the stories of viewings similar to mine, since it came out on HBO in my target demographic days. the beginning of this documentary was really quite funny, but then, of course, you get into the middle-ish end-ish where it begins to drag, and the subject matter becomes a little more serious, when the flash in the pan cultdom kind of dies down and everybody's expectations are dragged back down to earth. it's totally true that a movie like "troll 2" couldn't have possibly been made on purpose. circumstances like that give us disappointments like "snakes on a plane" or just campiness for camp's sake, like "killer tongue". i'm glad that almost everybody involved in "troll 2" recognizes it's terrible, and amazingly badness, and embraces the hoakyness in what they were involved in, and it was great to get a kind of behind the scene documentary out of it. i loved the remaking of scenes 20 years later, with all the same enthusiasm from the actors, and george hardy seems like a really neat guy. and i guess that's all i have to say about that. i would recommend a screening of this if you dig "troll 2", heck, maybe if you haven't seen "troll 2". hey, you should totally watch "troll 2" because it's aaaaaaaaammmmazing!

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