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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Best and the Brightest

The Best and the Brightest (2010)

Writer: Josh Shelov, Michael Jaeger
Director: Josh Shelov
Starring: Bonnie Sommerville, Neil Patrick Harris, Amy Sedaris

a woman bent on getting her 5 year old into a good manhattan school tells the head mistress of one of those schools that her husband is a poet. hijinx- a print out of a friend's sexting gets mistaken for the poetry. hijinx.

The Woman
i really want to like this one, but i pause because there is issue. the main character is a horrible person. she wants to hang with the cool kids so desperately, and yet, she sees how horrible they are and doesn't care. supposedly, it's all for the good of her daughter because it's all about getting her into a good kindergarten, because public school is presented as a fate worse than the fiery bowels of satan who happens to be going through a flare up of IBS. what i'm about to say may sound horrible, but i would rather have my kid hang out with the non-psychotic and "stupid", than deal with the nonsense of upper crust manhattan. so i deluded myself throughout this entire film thinking she would see the light and the grossness behavior of the people in position that was mocked through the entire movie and realize it's not about whatever elite school her kid gets into because her kid is awesome the way she is. whether it be manhatten or delaware...nope. perhaps maybe she'll realize that her goal is all about her and not her child? no. maybe she'll see how miserable her family is scraping by in the city? no. whatever.

the actual naughty sexting turned poetry was mildly funny, because, truly. it was kind of poetic. but meh.

the only ray of light in this is amy sedaris. she bangs it out of mediocre and makes me want to like this movie despite it's incredible faults. seriously, she's awesome. if you are into her, watch this movie. just ignore the movie part. you could even fast forward through all the other scenes. it was nice to see that the really funny white chick from "in living color" is still alive too. yeah, i spotted you. i thought you were the bomb when i was 11. i should probably go check now to see if i'm right...please, of course i am. another shout out to an actress i haven't seen in awhile: the cold hearted bitch head mistress of the school ann shirley teaches at in "ann of avonlea" guess what she plays in this? the cold hearted bitch head mistress. who's on first? exactly. have i begun to ramble? i have a ton of holiday cards to go fill...i can't sit here and ramble. wonder pets is on so i only have a half hour left before i have to start cooking dinner.

final thought jerry springer style: if you need an amy sedaris fix to warm the cockles of your super caustic and sarcastic soul, you may want to expose yourself to this. if not, not even the presence of the NPH could save this movie.

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