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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (2011)

Writer: Thomas Dean Donnelly & Joshua Oppenheimer, Tiziano Sclavi (comic)
Director: KevinMunroe
Starring: superman 3.0 as the only human, yet still gigantically ripped and Sam Huntington

the human in charge of keeping all sorts of undeadkind in line but not anymore, comes out of "retirement" when he takes on the case of a human murdered by a werewolf.

The Woman
this was truly bad. just bad. it brought back memories of the first "hellboy" or "dick tracy" in their badness/boring level and such rich potential and source material. i've never read the comic of this, but it failed as an hour and a half movie. there was just too much there and it came off as rushed and yet totally boring at the same time. i watched this in two installments because naptime has seriously decreased in its duration, and i actually forgot all about it at bath time/bedtime (my next free spot of time) and only realized 10 minutes into naptime the next day that i still had 45 minutes left. that doesn't bode well at all. i could have walked away, never finished it, and been completely alright with that outcome.

the plot itself was totally unoriginal and predictable down to the double cross at the end. the main character didn't even defeat the big bad. some werewolf who had one scene and one line did. a glorified walk-on. the main character wasn't even in the same scene when this hard defeat was achieved. also, i didn't understand why, if this dylan dog is just human how he could get thrown two stories and get up to continue fighting a huge winged black demon that used to be the reason why stella got her groove back. merely a fleshwound!  and i would like to comment on the total wussy big bad with the gigantic weakness of being tied into this realm by a human with hordes of the undead with super human powers around. kill the meek human, and the demon that means to kill all the undead dies too. amazing that the battle lasted a mere 2 minutes. amazing that all the undead wanted this thing that would bring fear to their kind for as long as it takes to rip a jugular.

lastly, the comedy came off as so desperate in it's attempt to be funny that it was not funny at all.  liggity lame. i'd rather watch "daybreakers" 10 times. and i hate ethan hawke.

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