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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Living Wake

The Living Wake (2007)

Writer: Peter Kline. Mike O' Connell
Director: Sol Tryon
Starring: Mike O' Connell, Jesse Eisenberg

K. Roth Binew finds himself diagnosed with a terminal illness that has yet to be named. The Living Wake is the last day of his life at the end of which he, indeed, throws himself a living wake.

The Woman
this was really bizarre. i mean REALLY, bizarre. i still don't know how i feel about it. it has made an impression, of that i can be sure. by the description it sounds like a drama, but it is not. it's a sort of dark comedy. everything is done so over the top it becomes ridiculous, and even death becomes a subject you can raise an eyebrow at. the characters of k. roth binew, and his biographer and rickshaw driver, Mills are waaay left of center. like the vision i have of becky and i if we remained standing at the corner of our block, dressed in the most ridiculous ensembles, posing at traffic as it went by....i can't even describe this movie. the plot made perfect sense, but i'm just at a loss for words. binew's personality was like a stereotyped used car salesman in his own commercial and it held throughout the movie in it's entirety. i think i liked it, but i can't be sure. there were songs (which were decidedly awesome) and choreographed numbers in the graveyard...details and statements were so random....

here is my favorite quote. you decide " Biographer! Kill yourself in childhood, the victim of a mining accident! At least until you apologize for that joke. When you do have yourself killed two years later by shot."

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