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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get Him to the Greek

Get Him to the Greek (2010)
Written by Nicholas Stollar
Directed by Nicholas Stoller
Starring Jonah Hill, Russel Brand, Elizabeth Moss, Sean "I should have been an actor rather than a rapper," Combs, Draco Malfoy

In order to save two careers, a young A&R executive must get a crazy rock star to a series of events.  Simultaneously, his live-together girlfriend's career is ready to explode in a separate geographical direction.

The Woman
i enjoyed this. i like russel brand. i mostly like jonah hill. i might change my feelings toward sean combs or whatever he prefers to be called at this precise minute. this was one of the funnier apatow franchise movies. the hamburgler joke was my favorite. it kept me laughing for most of the movie because the hamburgler is funny. i laughed outloud for the duration of this movie. yay!

this was way funnier than "the hangover" in my opinion. take that, china!

I'm sure Leila will disagree with much of what I have to say, but this one actually just squeaked past the 4 line for me.  Firstly, of course, large swaths of this movie were very funny.  It's an interesting authorial choice to take Jonah Hill and put him into the same universe as a different character, but the reason for that is clear: He and Brand have fantastic chemistry.  That chemistry would have turned a series of shit jokes into a 3, but here it turns a series of decent jokes into a 4. It's one of those times where it's OK that a horizontal vodka bottle sets up a major hotel room fire. Diddy also stood out as a genuinely funny character and actor.  (Is he becoming a comic foil character actor?  That would be OK with me.)

The thing is, when the jinks weren't hi, they were LOW.  There were some pretty draggy parts in this movie, and they didn't have to be.  There were some good ideas with the girlfriend plot--and I love me some Zoe Bartlett--but apart from a good kind of Gervais-cringy tension scene, those could have been written better. While they made for a decent counterpoint to some of the other shenanigans, one scene in particular (Maybe a threesome will save our relationship... No. Of course, learning that we don't need a threesome will save our relationship!)  had been done before. Kevin Smith did it almost 15 years ago.  (Fuck.. Has it really been that long since I was so glued to that movie that I couldn't get up to release two large movie theater sodas from my bladder?  This is a "Wow, I'm old," moment.)  Also, I felt that Brand's own journey into sobriety teetered onto the soapbox at times; and that gives me a little more trepidation about Arthur.

Anyway most of that above paragraph is MOster being MOster.  If you haven't already watched this movie you probably should.   It will make you laugh quite a bit.  And if you know anybody with a Jeffrey and a furry wall, please give that person my number.

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