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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Henry Fool

Henry Fool (1997)

Writer: Hal Hartley
Director: Hal Hartley
Starring: James Urbaniak, Thomas Jay Ryan, Parker Posey

a quiet guy befriends an interesting character who gets him involved in writing poetry. poetry is a sensation in the underground. poet, quiet guy succeeds. interesting character becomes very common.

It's been another while since we saw this movie, and it's stayed with me perhaps a little more than I thought it would.  Plenty of things here are annoying and frustrating; but that might be because they're a little more true than is usual.  It doesn't hurt that everybody looks like someone more famous.  Henry appears to me to be a Baldwin, the brother appears to me to be kind of like Alan Tudyk, and Independent Movie Parker Posey looks like Blade 3 Parker Posey.

Anyway, I enjoyed this.  It was exactly in that spot of pre-CG late-90s independent movie budget and production, the story was complex but not confusing, and the acting was competent.

There's also apparently a sequel which I feel the need to watch.

The Woman
throughout this movie i kept having flashes that i had seen it before. sometime in college. that has become more interesting to me than the movie itself. it was long and slightly boring, but i think i liked it now that i have some distance from it. although i did completely forget i had seen it soooo that might not be saying much. the fact that there is a sequel is also more interesting to me. i'll totally watch that. i know i haven't seen that one before.

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