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Friday, March 18, 2011

Grown Ups

Grown Ups (2010)

"Writer": Adam Sandler, Fred Wolf
Director:  Dennis Dugan
Starring: a bunch of hacks and steve buscemi as a walk-on, maintaining his friendship with sandler

a bunch of middle-aged guys get back together to reminisce about the championship basketball game they won in the beginning of time 6 thousand years ago. they bring their fat kids, their spoiled kids, their stereotypical wives, old wives, pregnant wives. they all have the time of their lives....except for that basketball championship previously mentioned.
The Woman
i can't tell you why i watched this. no, wait. the real story is that i can't tell you why i put this on the queue. i know why i watched it. i did this horrible thing to myself because it's the only movie left on the instant queue that moster doesn't even remotely "kind of want to see" and since i put it on the queue (for some unknown reason) it must be watched. there are rules here, people.

this was like watching an in joke between a bunch of guys you don't really know. the whole movie consisted of a sort of improv poking and joking at one another. did i mention this was done badly too? you would think that sandler and rock, and spade could come up with something remotely funny to say to one another. i'm leaving james and schneider out on purpose, if you're counting. it also followed very standard "full house" plot development. i guess all the energy put into this was the jokes. they were too great to leave any room to think about the plot. i did chuckle at the very end when chris rock and tim meadows were arguing about the encroachment of another black guy on their respective group of white people. that's it.

i liked this better when it was "the great outdoors".

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