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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The State: The Complete Series

The State (1993- 1995)

Yeah, I don't know exactly how this one made it on; it was probably me.  It's one of those titles that came up on instant so we started it and then we just wanted to be done with it before it got to the house.  But it's twenty-four episodes which ended up being about twenty-one fillers of 20-minute gaps in the schedule.

Comedy is more personal than drama, and for me this became much more of an intellectual pursuit than a humorous one.  There were too many places where I found myself appreciating the premise of a joke but not laughing at it.  We got some good actual laughs when the jokes hit home, but those were too few and far between.
The Woman
i wasn't really a fan of this when i was in high school. i was way more of a "kids in the hall" fan. i thought i would give it another shot because i guess there is room for two sketch comedy shows to be liked. there were some funny things, but there was way more unfunny things. my opinion has not changed. "kids in the hall" were and are funnier. i guess there just isn't room in my heart for two after all.

we both kind of just dug our heels in, gritted our teeth and watched them all refusing to give up. it's taken several months, but we did it. knock one more off the queue.


  1. classic characters like 'medium head boy' and blueberry head do nothing for you? haha

  2. They did things for me. Doug, "The Jew, The Italian, and the Red Head Gay," and a few more.

    But not 24 half-hours' worth.

  3. I agree unfortunately.. I had such fond memories of this show when it used to be on. Sadly I found it to be not nearly as funny as I remembered. I read that they were unable to license all the music that was in the original show, and a lot of the humor was tied to the music so some of that likely was lost in the transfer to the generic filler music that's on the dvd's. Case in point-sexual healing for barry and levon. That skit doesn't work without marvin gaye.