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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray (2009)

Writer: Toby Finlay (screenplay) Oscar Wilde (novel "the picture of dorian gray")
Director: Oliver Parker
Starring:  Ben Barnes, Colin Firth, Ben Chaplin, and a bunch of chicks

dude paints a portrait of dorian gray. all the terrible things he does reflects in the painting while he stays perfect and young and beautiful.

The Woman
LAME. not that i was expecting anything more. this was all about his lechery and yet, it didn't show any of it. they alluded to it. you got a lot of heavy breathing and i think 1 nipple once, but that was it. i feel like if you want to have a movie about "sinning" i.e. murder and sex, be really graphic about it or don't make it. this was just wishy washy, and therefore stupid.

i've never read the book so have nothing to say on the accuracy of the movie. moster has, and from one scene, viewed for about 30 seconds, he said it was different. i sensed that because if oscar wilde wrote this the way it was presented in 2009 movie format, he would not have been remembered at all. oscar who?

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