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Monday, January 10, 2011

Funny People

Funny People (2009)

Writer: Judd Apatow
Director: Judd Apatow
Starring: Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann
Dying comedian takes new comedian on as an assistant / not-really-apprentice.  I've decided to call this a "bromantic comedy."

The Woman
i was a little confused by this movie. i am not really a fan of the dramady. things like ally mcbeal and other such things that fall into this category just don't do it for me. you can laugh in a drama but i am not supposed to be sad while watching a comedy. am i being narrow minded? maybe. it's just not my deal. after adam sandler was told he was in remission, i kept thinking he was going to die before the end of the movie, and although things weren't all happy-go-lucky by the end, i felt kind of like the movie copped out.

Again we see a film where the production in general outpaces the story itself (I especially noticed a very nice post-coital shot) but there are two big problems with that story.  The first is the story as a whole.  It tries to spin a too-common formula into something bigger, but it ends up simply making changes to different variables.  I haven't cared about this notion for a long time and nothing makes me even want to give this thing a chance.

The second is the wide disparity between the pathos generated by the Sandler character and the Rogen character.  Rogen's neophyte is a nice dude who's just trying to make his bones and lets his Sandler-generated stress effect his personal life.  Sandler's comedian is just an asshole.  We're supposed to think that this is "Dramatic Sandler," but if it is there's no difference anymore.  This guy is nothing more than Billy Madison or that Big Daddy lawyer dude with a different job.  He's this rich fuck sellout who treats people like shit and we're expected to A) believe that either Rogen or Mann would want to give him the time of day as a friend--I suppose we can look at Rogen's actions as manipulative to get ahead but it doesn't play that way at ll--and B) that his illness has made him a better person.  But he's just a fucking brat, play-acting at being a grownup to get a mommy and a real friend; and the moment either of them gets independent or a better offer or anything he just runs away.  This is fine for the ex-inexplicable-girlfriend who can stay with her asshole Aussie? husband; but he totally kills his friend financially and then our hearts are supposed to melt because he decides to come back and talk about jokes?  Fuck you character.

I haven't liked to say "fuck you," to Judd Apatow in the past; but fuck you, Judd Apatow.  This movie insulted the intelligence of the audience.

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