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Monday, January 10, 2011

I am Comic

I Am Comic (2010)

Director: Jordan Brady
Starring: Jordan Brady, Rich Schynder, practically every comic from the B+ list down to the D list.

This one started as a study of the science or the elements of comedy and ended up being about this one dude who wanted to get back into standup.

The Woman
this seemed like there was some lack of a direction. as a documentary it was kind of poor. as something on the t.v. that kept us entertained and laughing this was pretty good. i think i'm going to think of it as a bunch of comics telling funny stories of the stage and the road. therefore, i liked it.

This one is a real shame.   It could have been a good project even though it seems that the guy decided he wanted to do comedy again two thirds of the way through filming.  It's like they split the runtime of the movie into two pieces where the split in intent in the movie happens at the same relative point in the project.  They could have started with a minute or so of back story and then used that desire to give the interview clips some more perspective.

While many of the comics interviewed were as funny as they usually are (this includes Tim Allen's lack of funny) as a doc it's pretty much a straight-up 2.  Finally, I have to say that this guy supposedly has written for some pretty funny people, but very little of that was visible either personally or on stage.

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