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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Think We're Alone Now

I Think We're Alone Now (2007)

Director: Sean Donnelly

a look into two obsessive tiffinay fans. documentary

The Woman
this was kind of weird. in one hand i'm totally freaked out by these two people, and in the other hand (quite smaller hand) i kind of feel sorry for them. they both have mental issues...obviously. one suffers from asperger's syndrome, and the other is an inter-sexed  person (hermaphrodite) who was in a terrible accident and has some sort of brain damage.  just they way they talk about tiffany scares me. it must happen with all celebrities, but jeebus. talking about her like they know her personally, and how they WILL someday marry tiffany and live happily ever after and seriously for total serious mean it. in fact one of them tells anyone who will listen that they are close personal friends. i don't quite understand how or why tiffany would continuously interact with these people. she took out a restraining order against one of them in 1989, but he has all these photos of him posing with her at events. i did enjoy when the two "stalkers" met up for a tiffany event and kelly (the inter-sexed one) got really mad at the other for comparing his experiences with meeting tiffany. she also reminded me a lot of napoleon dynamite. i also suppose that the one with asperger's is obsessed with her because obsession could be a part of the syndrome, but still. i wouldn't want that guy around me.

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