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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Blind Side

The Blind Side (2009)

Director: John Lee Hancock
Writer: John Lee Hancock, Michael Lewis (book)
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron

super white rich chick takes in a huge black kid from the projects and he plays football.

The Woman
i have this soft spot for sandra bullock. i don't know why. i can't tell you that i have ever really liked a sandra bullock movie. this is no exception. i liked her character. but i am not a football fan and there is a lot of football in this movie. i don't understand football. and there is a lot of technical footballness to this movie. people have tried to explain football to me but it's like when my darling husband starts to talk about computers, i just sort of start to hear the charlie brown adults wha, wha,wha,wha. in one ear and out the other. maybe it's because it doesn't interest me in any sort of minutia. the football that is. i am completely interested in everything my husband has to say. anyway. this movie was eh. if you like football, and you're a chick (because this is a chick flick) then you may like this.

i also kept thinking how this is totally a diabetes coma sugar coated version of what happened in real life, but i am a very cynical person

just as a side note. i don't know if you can see this or not, but her ass in this poster is outrageous! why bother wearing pants? photoshop, man, jeeebus.

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