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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Answer Man

The Answer Man (2009)

Director: John Hindman
Writer: John Hindman
Starring: Jeff Daniels, Lauren Graham, Lou Taylor Pucci

this author guy wrote this book called 'me and god' and everyone thinks he's amazing and has all the answers to their philosophical questions. in reality, he's a cranky recluse grieving the loss of his father. he meets chiropractor with kid. he also meets a recovering alcoholic bookstore owner.

The Woman
this was a good little independent (? i'm too lazy to actually look it up. i only have until my kid finishes that piece of banana bread) romantic comedy. it amused and entertained me. i could have done with a better ending. this is not to say the ending was crappy, but i feel there were things left to tell. i didn't want it to end, which i guess says something. i can't believe i'm gonna write this, was one of those feel good movies. in the same vein as 'dan in real life'. a little less sad though. it also reminded me of 'gigantic' in it's indie-ish humor and love story. i would recommend to people if you like the before mentioned movies

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