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Saturday, April 7, 2012


$9.99 (2008)

Written by Etgar Keret
Directed by Tatia Rosenthal
Starring Josef Behr, Roy Billing, Tom Budge

In an apartment building in an Australian city, there are a bunch of ambitious people and some odd supernatural occurrences.  You should really just feed the ducks, though.

The Woman
shme to the power of shme. there were some good ideas here, but they just didn't develop any of them. that made me resent sitting through this movie. the animation really bothered me too. it was like a julian schnabel painting come to life and i hate julian schnabel. the only silver lining to this experience was that it was short.

There's more in this movie to want to like then there is to like.  From the beginning, we were having difficulty keeping the film in the foreground of our attentions, and not because I was getting handsy or anything like that.  The animation was a little strange, but that's nothing new for us and it's not the reason we were outside of our comfort zone. I think it was the low volume of the conversational tone, which didn't change through the entire movie.

The problem here is that the film does nothing to earn the viewer's belief in anything.  It's OK for odd things to just happen, and it's OK for the characters to simply take them as read while we don't.  There were too many odd thing simultaneously, and too many blithely bad characters and too many whingy motherfuckers all at once.  The connecting tissue of the apartment building was much more of a convenience than any kind of actual connection.

It occurs to me that I haven't actually talked about what happens or to whom or why.  It's not because I don't remember--I'll be calling Geoffry Rush's pre-angel character an asshole for a long time, and his post-angel character wasn't any better.  Instead, view these 200 (or whatever) words as an one of those drawn out, "shmeh," kind of squints that you give sometimes.

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