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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits (2011)

Writer: Keith Merryman, David A. Newman, Will Gluck
Director: Will Gluck
Starring: Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis

a head hunter in new york gets a guy from L.A. a prominent job at GQ. they hit it off and become fast friends. they start having sex. they have a good time with each other. they stop having sex. things begin to get complicated.

The Woman
i want to start this off by saying when i watched this movie i thought it was a completely different movie. i thought it was the one with ashton kutcher and, what's her face, natalie portman. i had just heard how terrible that one was from my very best friend and i was curious to see the train wreck for myself. it also took me a solid five minutes to figure out it wasn't that movie. i kept thinking- justin timberlake is in this?

a long time through this movie i was rolling my eyes. there were some funny bits. but i feel like they were overshadowed by the hip factor. the hipness totally threw me off. i spent most of this experience thinking am i too old for this? (i'm 33, people) it was just these one liners that were thrown in. ususally about the tube technology we, as a society, usually talk about. i.e. phone contracts and the stupid ineffectiveness of touch screens and directional tippy thing feature. it just felt forced and unatural for some reason. which leads me into justin timberlake as an actor. at the witty remarks and funny stuff he did good, but the more "serious" supportive things he was TERRIBLE! like cable access terrible. like pop star transitioning into actor terrible...wait. what?

there was also this NYC spirit fest pep rally thing that turned me off too. we get it. new york is pretty great. for some. i'm glad that it's just around the corner from me, but jesus, we don't have to jizz all over it. i get it, mila kunis's character. you love the city. it's the best place in the world.  the location porn was out of control. i am not in a coma. i do not have short term memory loss. i never forgot, once, that they were in new york city, even with a brief stint in L.A.

final thought: for a rom/com this wasn't that bad. the humor was funnier than most and i appreciated the frank discussions about sex. i enjoyed the mocking of the rom/com throughout the movie. that being said, this did not break the rom/com formula at all. soooo don't get too high on yourselves, whoever is responsible for this movie. there was no box left broken. all 6 walls remain intact in your endeavor. also, i wouldn't watch this again.

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