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Thursday, January 12, 2012

These Amazing Shadows

These Amazing Shadows

Director: Paul Mariano, Kurt Norton

a documentary about the national film archive and the process and what movies have been chosen over the years and why.

This held my interest, and I've actually been thinking about it a fair amount on and off in the past week.  It's a movie chock full of discussions of great movies and clips from those endeavors.  I don't know how much of my admiration is due to the clips and how much is due to the creation of the film.  The interviews were good and while things were assembled in a pleasing fashion the flow was sometimes a little odd.

There's no subterfuge here--it's called "These Amazing Shadows," not "The National Film Registry,"--so what it does is to essentially document and capitalize on the affair between movie lovers and filmmakers.  With maybe 15 more minutes around the politics of the creation of the Registry and the maintenance thereof (specifically keeping the funding these days) it could have won on multiple fronts rather than split a barn door with a sledgehammer from a foot and a half away.

The Woman
good one. it's interesting for a person who likes movies like i do. it's all about reflections of our country's society through the years. i think it is just as important to save movies as it is to save any other art form for the future historically speaking.

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