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Friday, September 9, 2011


Wrecked (2011)

Writer: Christopher Dodd
Director: Michael Greenspan
Starring: Adrien Brody

a guy wakes up with memory loss, trapped in a wreckage of an automobile, in the woods, at the bottom of a cliffish bank.

The Woman
booooooring. bleh. forgettable. the whole movie is adrien brody dragging himself around the deep forest, guided by the vision of a dog, and stalked by a mountain lion. he goes around in this big circle for who knows how long, ends up back by the car and then climbs the bank to the road like he should have done in the first place. meanwhile, we're supposed to be interested in finding out who he is and how he ended up where he was, presented in flashes of memories spread out during his dragging. i didn't care. i was slightly more interested in whether he was going to get out or not to make the movie a little more interesting and how he was going to re-enter society once he did. but, of course, once he remembered everything the movie ended. there was this particular bit which i think, was supposed to be a twist, or an ah-ha moment, but i was so indifferent by that point it came out like a sigh and an oh, that's kind of a cop out moment.

this had similar elements to "buried" which i had watched the day before and really liked, that i think made this movie seem more lame and wishy washy. the single actor by himself trying to figure shit out was done so much better in "buried". and that had a lot more balls in it's ending.

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