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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wild Target

Wild Target (2010)

Writer: Lucinda Coxon (screenplay), Pierre  Salvadori (original film)
Director: Jonathan Lynn
Starring: Emily Blunt, Bill Nighy, Rupert Grint.

the best, most efficient hit-man in the business shows mercy to his latest target. she is quirky and a kleptomaniac and a good dresser.

I have a THING for Bill Nighy.  Not a sexual thing, but I tend to love the way he plays his roles.  That said, his movie-moustache makes him look a little too much like Kevin Kline for my tastes.

Not that I'm knocking Kevin Kline, but there's just something about the similarity of this (Nighy) role and some of the more-sketchball stuff that Kevin Kline has done.  So, that started me off with a bit of a bad taste in my face.

Despite that, though, there was still something off about this.  It felt a little too safe.  Of course--and I find myself saying this a lot lately--the studio logo in front means that everything will be fine; but there was never any real sense of danger here.  Maybe people were having too much fun making this, or maybe there was just some difficulty between the cast and crew in getting together and suspending internal disbelief, or maybe there was something entirely different at play.  Regardless, there was something wrong with this movie.

It's not BAD (seriously).  It's not uninteresting.  It's not unentertaining.  It's just a little off.

The Woman
there was something missing in this movie. it was mildly funny. and i love me some bill nighy, but the plot was just eh. i could see it better working out as a french movie. and days later i was asking myself what happened to the mastermind bad guy? he sent out arthur dent and never was heard from again really. i really wanted to like this movie, but i just can't say that i did. i didn't not like it. how's that. i wouldn't warn people away from it. maybe then they could shed light on what was wrong with it.

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