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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Way Back

The Way Back (2010)

Writer: Peter Weir & Keith R. Clarke (screenplay), Slavomir Rawicz (novel)
Director: Peter Weir
Starring: Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Saoirse Ronan

a group of guys escape from a gulag and walk from siberia to india. true story.

The Woman
better than i was expecting. i do have issue with the end. it was all about this long trek to freedom, they lost most of the group to exposure, dehydration, hypothermia and so on so forth, but then once they got to their destination there was just the rise and fall of communism montage and main guy now totally old goes home to poland. there was no epilogue text about what the hell he did for the whole life span of communism. i know what happened in communist history. i don't know what happened in janusz (main guy) history. yay! he made it! yes, it is truly amazing that he walked from sibera to india. however, i would like to know what he did with his freedom. i would also like to know what happened to the other three guys that made it. what did they do with their lives? did they join the army and fight in WWII? did they die? did they go to mime school? i would like to know these sorts of things. i feel cheated that i sat through all that surviving and didn't get a word on how it turned out. is that what the book is for? because i didn't like the movie that much.

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