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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Royal Tramp II

The Royal Tramp II (1992)
(No IMDB writing credit and I'm too lazy to go to Wikipedia)
Directed by Stephen Chow, Jing Wong, Gordon Chan
Starring Stephen Chow, Bridgette Lin, Chingmay Yau, Pak-Cheung Chan

In the continuing adventures of Wei Shu Bo, he gets into more shenanigans and occasionally has some good philosophical points about overthrowing the government.

This movie was just phenomenally uneven.  The kung fu was largely very good, interesting, and fun to watch; and Chow is great.  Then there are the times when he talked about how they're all working to overthrow the Ming (or the Ching? I don't remember; it's been a couple of weeks, but this point is immaterial) and he's not sure why they're doing it as with the current prince everybody is getting food and work and all the other essentials.  I really liked how he got into this aspect of the discussion but I think that this thread was gutted in the editing room.

The unfortunate part was the bullshitty slapstick stuff with his friend/sidekick who was in and out of drag for really stupid reasons.  These scenes were accompanied by way over-the-top sound effects and dialog to match.  I don't know who decided that this film needed a dose of low-ish comedy; but that person made a pretty big mistake.

It really did feel like I was watching three movies.  I actually wanted to watch two of them and if they were edited differently they might have been a single, pretty good movie.  It was simplydisappointing every time the jackass came back on the screen.

Maybe I got some silly American edit?  IMDB says no.  So I don't know what to tell you about this one.  I doubt very much that you'll want to watch it.

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