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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Catfish (2010)

Director: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman

the directors follow brother/friend/roommate/office sharer yaniv schulman through his experience with a family he has grown close to, but has only interacted with on the facebooking.

The Woman
SPOILERS ABOUND. DON'T READ THIS IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON WATCHING. this kept my interest through the whole thing. there was real tension and suspense when they are investigating the truth. going into it i thought it was a faux documentary and more shocking and terrible things were going to happen. i am going to blame the marketing for that one though. as someone who has experienced a pathological liar in real life it was not really that shocking to me. i know that embarrassment and anger that occurs when you finally come to terms with the stupid lies you fell for and you see this person for what they really are. i give yaniv a lot of credit for being so open about it to angela and discussing it with her. although, in the end, you can still see the anger and how it's affected him negatively. there is a definite sense of pity the viewer begins to feel for this woman who has created this whole alternate life as an escape from her real life, with her demanding responsibilities. and i don't think their friendship is really all happiness and love as the epilogue text suggests. the innocence of it all, which was the core of their relationship in the beginning, was smashed into a gridjillion pieces. i guess that's where the anger comes in because he is grieving the loss of friends that never existed, and the relationship that has replaced it is a whole different animal where the truth is still a muddy one. am i rambling? i think i might be. finished now.

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