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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Role Models

Role Models (2008)

Director: David Wain
Writer: Paul Rudd, David Wain, Ken Marino, Timothy Dowling
Starring: Paul Rudd, Sean William Scott, mclovin, Bobb-e J. Thompson

two guys, to avoid going to prison, join "sturdy wings" aka big brother. one's a  and one's a lil' gangsta. funny things.

I don't have very much to say about this one.  Despite the plethora of screenwriting credits, it wasn't nearly as retarded as I expected it to be.  It's disappointing to see that most of the actors (Jane Lynch in particular) appear to have relaxed into the rut of typecasting, but their reliability in the assigned roles allowed them to take this B (school grade, not "B movie" grade) material and keep it exactly at that level.

There could have been more bare tits, though.

The Woman
we laughed a lot so i would say we liked it. we're in the midst of watching the state and it's good to see careers have blossomed, i guess. it's pretty much the same humor as anything those 40 year old virgin dudes do in all their movies, but at least it's new situations and not the same jokes every time. it kind of reminds me of a bunch of guys sitting around playing playstation just conversating. mclovin was pretty damn awesome as the larper. i watched that documentary "monster camp" about larpers and they seemed to nail it. also, as a side note, they made fun of it respectably....i think. i'm not a larper so i don't know how sensitive they are about their ridiculousness, but it seems to me, in this movie, they didn't harsh their gig too bad, and yet it was still funny.

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