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Monday, September 13, 2010


Motherhood (2009)

Director: Katherine Dieckmann
Writer: Katherine Dieckmann
Starring: Uma Thurman, Minnie Driver, Anthony Edwards

the chaotic day in the life of a stay at home mother living in the west village dealing with a walk up with a dog who needs to be carried down the stairs, two kids, other parents, other non-parents, and planning a birthday party for her six year old.

The Woman
there were things in this movie that were a little too close to home to be funny, and i found myself agitated beside the character. being constantly hassled by other adults, judged for your parenting skills, being a little put off by others parenting styles, aggravated by all the things you have to get done. i'm getting agitated thinking about it. anyway, there were also some really great moments in identifying with the argument had by thurman and edwards playing husband and wife where i thought 'exactly! well put'. but then there was the nice little wrapped up happy ending. it was good, but it was kind of predictablish. but i guess that's the point of the argument about how the tedium of motherhood is soul crushing. focusing on all the little things, the details, you forget how to see the whole picture. but sometimes a serene calm falls, and you can tell yourself that everybody else can go fuck themselves, you're going to have a good time damn it! does that makes sense? am i rambling. the shittiest of days sometimes do end on a good note. you  i kind of shutter to think of being a stay at home mother in the city. it gives me the willies. just the added stress of dealing with that many more people who aren't afraid to give you a piece of their mind, and the stairs....argh.

if you are a stay at home mother, i would recommend this movie. it's good to see others struggle at the same choices and situations you have made to know you aren't alone. it can't be said enough, in my opinion. i would also like to question why we, contemporarily are having such difficulties with this. is it just that we are more vocal than generations past? or is it that there are too many rules and regulations put on us societally, and everyone is watching and listening to us to make sure we're doing it "right"?

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