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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Discworld: Soul Music

Soul Music (1997)
Written by Terry Pratchett, adapted by somebody else
Directed by Jean Flynn
Starring Christopher Lee, Debar Gilett, Andy Hockley

Death takes a holiday, and his adoptive granddaughter has to take over his duties.  Simultaneously, this dude swears that he'll be the most famous musician in all the world at exactly the wrong time, which causes music as an entity to take over his life when he should have died.  Therefore, the two plots intersect.

MOster (only; you're welcome, Woman.)
Beginning with the way this was presented on DVD (as individual episodes, with no play-all, and no automatic skipping to the next episode's menu upon completion of the previous one), this whole thing was another big disappointment.  The animation was better than the last one, but that's about it.  The adaptation took an interesting pair of stories and watered them down to lamenes.  There was a needlessly over-the-top gay guy and some other stereotypes thrown in for good measure.  The book has jokes that take tens--if not hundreds--of pages to set up and here they're done within the space of a single scene.  Some of that could be due to the episodic nature in which it was created but that's not a very good excuse.  A few of the cool elements of the book came through, most notably the Librarian and the raven, but in general this was another waste of time.

Don't watch this if you liked the book.  Absolutely don't watch this if you've never read the book because it will turn you off from Pratchett; and that would be a terrible shame.

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