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Saturday, April 10, 2010

You Kill Me

Synopsis (by the woman)
alchoholic hitman from buffalo,ny goes into treatment in san fransisco. he finds love with another dry, and boring emotionless lady.

I remarked early in the viewing of this movie that I like how Ben Kingsley has such a wide range.  His subtle, fairly natural peformance kept me hopeful through the first half-hour, then I tried to stay in denial about my apathy until I found us having a conversation which had nothing to do with the movie.    When I saw Tea Leoni's name on the list of executive producers I was worried, and I was right.  She apparently does not know how to pick a script.

I really wanted to see something happen with this character, some actual conflict or tribulation  in his strive for 
sobriety.  Sure, he falls off the wagon a couple of times, but there are no real consequences.  In fact, I think the story would have been more believeable if it fallen back to formula.  If it had taken him more than ONE SCENE to win Tea Leoni back after he blew off a huge dinner that she cooked specially for him (and spent the next few hours saying mean things about him to the television.)

Rounding out the A plot (such as it was) were a decent enough performance by Luke Wilson as Kingsley's AA sponsor (and the only performance with any chemistry with Kingsley)... and Bill Pullman, native of Hornell New York, chewing scenery and shitting out a bad characature of a Eugene Levy performance.

Higher on the list of "things about which MOster did not give a fuck while watching his move," was this entire subplot back in Buffalo.  The Polish mob of which he is the only hit man is losing to Dennis Farina's Irish?!.  They die, but we don't care and other than shooting people Kingsley's character doesn't really seem to care, either.

The Woman
BORING. the trailer to this movie was highly misleading. hijinx were supposed to ensue. there were no hijinx in the northern hemisphere while this movie was in progress. with a cast like ben kingsley, tea leoni, bill pullman, dennis farina, and luke wilson, you think something interesting could be pulled out of one of these actor's asses. man, it's a good thing i was knitting some socks while watching this movie or i would have slept through this boring, uninteresting hour and a half time block.

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