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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Capturing the Friedmans

Capturing the Friedmans 2003
Produced and directed by Andrew Jarecki

Synopsis (by MOster)
"Capturing the Friedmans" is a documentary about a child molestation and pornography case from the late 1980s on Long Island.  The director and producer combine talking-head-type interviews with a surprising amount of video footage taken from a camera owned by one of the family members of the alleged perpetrators.

i like documentaries. this is a good one. i hope my family does not become this dysfunctional. seeing the weird self- filmed/ taped arguments was interesting, like being a fly on the wall, front row center for a family's total destruction. the mother is a total self- proclaimed martyr, which are always hard to sympathize with. she also had a voice like a howler monkey, which didn't help her cause of the pity party.

please don't correct my punctuation or grammar poopies. i like me.

MOster:  A solid 4, B+/A-
I don't think this counts as easy to watch; it got to me more than most of the things we watch--fiction or non-fiction. Small amounts of archival footage tie the personal clips together, and an unexpected epilogue closes some of the open threads.

This movie did a really good job of showing multiple positions and making it very difficult to draw a conclusion. Fairly long clips give me the impression that it would be very difficult to take what's said out of context. There are few main subjects in this who I've come to like, but I have a fair amount of sympathy (and some empathy) for some of them.  It really shows all parties as  "human," with assets and faults; but with real
feelings about the situation.

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