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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Uncertainty (2009)

Directors: Scott McGehee
                David Siegel
Writers: Scott McGehee
                David Siegel
Starring: Joseph Gordon- Levitt, Lynn Collins

Synopsis:  a young couple is standing on the brooklyn bridge pondering what they should do about their unplanned pregnancy and their july 4th plans. option 1- they go to manhattan to a friends kegger option 2- they go to queens to the chick's family bbq.  the movie is a mish-mash on how either plan would play out.
manhattan= suspense/ action movie. queens= indie's version of drama (which i usually interpret as booooring)

The Woman only: i don't get how i feel about this movie. i guess you could say i was uncertain.....oh, snap! i found most of it interesting, but the ending was typical indie no ending, and you can't get away with that kind of crap when depicting a suspense/ action movie. there was also no real discussion on the whole pregnancy thing. they talked around it the entire movie, and then just resigned to do nothing about it at all. it was filmed well. and the concept is mostly original, with the word play of the title and the indecision of portraying two completely different styles tackling the same subject matter, and the question of what the two characters should do throughout the movie. i labored over the rating of this movie. i ended up giving it a "i liked it" three stars, but i think perhaps it's more of a two and three eighths "i wouldn't say i didn't like it". my ultimate recommendation is: i'm sure there are better things to do with your time than watch this movie.

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