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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yellow Brick Road

YellowBrickRoad (2010)

Writer: Andy Mitton, Jesse Holland
Director: Andy Mitton, Jesse Holland
Starring: 8 people. it's an ensemble thing. i'm not clicking back and forth between imdb that many times.

apparently, in 1940 (? doesn't really matter) this whole town in new hampshire just walked away from the town into the woods. some of them were found later murdered and bloodied and what have you on this trail, but most of them were never seen or heard from again. oh, wait no there was, of course one survivor to relay the tale but he was nonsensical...of course. so this dude, in present day, decides to take a bunch of people on this magical mystery trail for book purposes? he brings 2 cartographers, his lady, their friend the psychiatrist, a survivalist (i think that was that dude's deal), the townie liar, and the intern. guess what? things go awry.

The Woman
what? this was pretty bad. it went from boring to what's going on, to seriously, what the fuck is going on!? to what!? to i can't believe i watched that whole thing. there's no pay off. there's barely any violence. the gore was bare minimum required to get it's "horror"card.

there's never any discovery of why the town people walked. halfway through there was a discussion that i couldn't understands because i am not a cartographer or a hiker/camper for that matter. there was some quote towards the end that...let me find it...

eh. that was too much work. it's something about how the trail understands.
it's a good thing something does. because i was completely lost.
terrible. don't bother.

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