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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The King's Speech

The King's Speech (2010)
Written by David Seidler
Directed by Tom Hooper
Starring Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter

Dude, it's The King's Speech.  But, OK.  The second son of the King has difficulty with his stutter.  He's tried every doctor on the planet, except the one to whom his wife is referred.  He develops a rapport with that doctor and becomes king because his brother (admirably) follows his dick (heart if you like) rather than his flag.  Will he overcome his stutter and be a good king?

The Woman
good. filmed beautifully. actors acted really well. i liked it, so therefore, i don't have too much to say about it. i think it deserved it's oscars. acting like you have a stutter i imagine is incredibly difficult in not making it sound forced. good job colin firth.

I find it interesting that neither of us has much to say about this.  It doesn't quite make 4 but it's a fine movie and you could spend your life in far worse ways.  Everything is done the way it should be.  It reads like a play but that doesn't really limit it in the way that it could.  It has every element that should make it a "holy fuck" movie for me but it didn't and I'm not sure why. 

Finally, I must say that I appreciate how the title refers to both an abstract concept and a specific event.

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