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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Stolen (2009)

Writer: Glenn Taranto
Director: Anders Anderson....for total seriousness.
Starring: Jon Hamm, Josh Lucas

a child's abduction and murder from the 50s is interlaced in the investigation of a detective's son's abduction from 8 years ago.

The Woman
shme. it held my interests, which i guess is saying something. it had the forehead a.k.a. dawson leary, a.k.a. james van der beek in it. it was a little predictable, but you know. that happens. i'm glad it didn't really have a happy ending. so it earns respect for that. practically through the whole movie i kept thinking don't get attached, man, that kid's gonna get it. (because in the beginning they find the body) i wouldn't call this a thriller. it's more just a crime movie. it just is. and i accept that. but it's one of those movies that is pretty forgettable.

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