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Monday, June 28, 2010

Blue Beard

Blue Beard (2009)

Director: Cathering Breillat
Writer: Charles Perrault (fairytale), Cathering Breillat (adaptation)
Starring: Dominique Thomas, Lola Creton

two little girls read a fairytale in their attic. in the fairytale  a rich lord keeps marrying and his wives all disappear before a year of marriage. the fairytale is shown through the eyes of the latest, and very young wife.

The Woman
i was very excited for this movie because in the preview i had seen this movie was made to seem very dark and gory, but in a french, arty way. it wasn't. oh, it was french. very french. french super confusing ending. it was only an hour and twenty minutes long, so i guess it wasn't that bad of a waste of time. there was all this time spent on the circumstances of two sisters, and nothing much became of it. i guess there was a weird sort of parallel between the sisters in the fairytale, and the sisters in the attic? having the direct translation of grimm's entire collection, it did seem very unabridged fairytale. the moral is not really apparent, or just super outdated. women are pretty much underhanded liars in all of them, and that becomes a crux of the story. eh. didn't get it. don't recommend. it reminded me of this terrible movie we watched a billion years ago called "the girl slaves of morgana la fay" sounds awesome right? wrong it was boring and stupid. this didn't go quite that far, but it was still kind of boring, and like i said, the ending was way over my head.

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  1. Dude, I remember that "Morgana LeFay" movie. It was disappointing on every level.